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LSS Meetup No. 8 – Holborn Derelict Court House 31/07/11

The third event to take place in July was the 8th meetup held at Holborn Derelict Court House. This all took place on Sunday 31st July 2011 and is remembered for London Speedlite Scene introducing the first models from it’s newly formed off shoot product Elect Model Management. The meetup also included their first special guest celebrity feature, non other than best selling author, Hollywood actor and celebrity gangster figure, Dave Courtney OBE. 

To start off with the team met outside Holborn tube station and once most of the team was gathered they stopped off at the nearest coffee bar for a few drinks. Once everyone had turned up the group made their way to the abandoned court house. Words could not describe how large and surreal the building was. Inside was even more impressive, money could not buy this location it was as if the building was set straight out of a eerie horror movie. To describe it the building contained only wooden floor boards and cold crumbling walls perfect for any creative photo shoot. In all there were 5 levels with at least 5 large Victorian rooms with fireplaces in each room.  

On the 1st floor boasted the main court room large enough to contain a few hundred people. On the 2nd  floor was the old library chambers were hundreds of law books used to be kept. Each room had it’s own distinctive personality.  

The makeup artists as usual took control of the preparations early on with getting the models in character for the shoot. Characters such as female lawyers, blood soaked sirens, gangsters wives and deadly assassins were created. This gave the photographers perfect opportunity to work with Dave Courtney and explore the buildings surroundings. Immediately it was obvious that they had a figure to work with who was very at home having his photo taken professionally. Dave Courtney brought with him many props for the photo shoot. His trademark knuckle dusters especially… every photo taken was cherished by the group. 

Dave Courtney’s Website:

Once the Elect Models were out of hair and makeup ready to shoot, they all had their turn to work with Dave Courtney in many creative ways. If Dave wasn’t lending the models his trademark tools and props they were acting out courtroom, gangster and other dramatic scenes. It was a long day full of intense excitement.

Elect Model Management:

The building was utilised from top floor to basement although it has been said that there are other areas in the court house that have been missed out due to the large maze like complexity of the place.

With that being said London Speedlite Scene will no doubt venture back to the derelict court house again as time is limited and there is no telling for how long the venue will remain available to the group.

Quick note: 

If you are allergic to dust or have asthma it is well advised not to attend this venue. 

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